Here we go – the NEW small world from Jasmin B.!

I have been writing about my personal life since 2006, sometimes more diligent, sometimes less. This year I felt was the right time to reconstruct my website and create a new appearance.

To be honest – I was also forced to take this action because my homepage was hacked 3 (THREE!!) times within a few weeks, all in the beginning of this year. This was an absolutely new and horrible experience for me and I really still do not understand WHY ME?? My site is innocuous, not political, decent, private…I don’t insult, I don’t hurt, I just share harmless things of life, I share stories in which like-minded people might be interested in or just happy to read them. Well… 

One thing is for sure > I am ready to kick-off again and I hope, my loyal worldwide visitors will carry on reading and looking with great interest and curiosity.

I must admit, since I have been using Facebook, I have not updated my website as often as I should, but folks, I am working on it.. Give me a chance;-) The new appearance inspires me more and more to share this crazy life with you. A lot of things have changed since 2006. It was not only about getting older, believe me. BUT – there are things in life that will never ever change and that’s the way I like it! Let me be grown-up and homely in my next life 😀

So, rock on everybody!

Enjoy my site and don’t be shy to leave a note in my guestbook 🙂        



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