(A)LIVE & KICKING – GIGS THROUGH THE YEARS WITH…   It took me quite some time to get all the concerts listed I’ve e v e r visited since the early beginning in 1983. And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t listed them all after all. In over 20 years of „tour-life“ things like tickets can get lost from time to time, it can even happen to me ;-)) And the collector’s value isn’t the same anymore since you get these ugly computer tickets instead of beautiful hardcover tickets. Nevertheless I’m astonished about this part of my life. Wow!!! Initially I also wanted to take the trouble to list all the entry fees I paid for every single event, butÖto be honest…I didn’t like the idea to frustrate you with that, too. For example: In 1995 you were able to see the Stones live for about 65 Deutschmarks. Mick Jagger wouldn’t even bother to leave his house for this amount of money nowadays… I don’t know the international market very well but I’m so pissed off by this profiteering, by the way we get squeezed out by the producers for our kindness and the love & passion for music. It’s all about the pure profit of it. But – as we all know- demand determines the price. As long as we are the ones, who see to it that the events are sold out, the price will stay high or will even still increase in the future. The organisations, artists, managements etc. know that they can count on our love for music and live events… Please see all the detailed artists from A-Z at the GERMAN „Alive & Kicking“-Version. Thank U.