HEATHER NOVA…or…“Maybe an angel“?


Although Heather doesn’t see herself this way-for me she is and always will be an angel 😉 Heather´s music was the music that carried me through the toughest and saddest period of my life so far. I always knew the darkness in my soul would be lightened for those two hours when I listened to her concerts. „Walking higher“ was a song that has always spoken to me. I felt I could enter into the song whenever I heard it.

I carry you with me,
a ghost inside
an in these shattered arms
you´re still alive.
I carry you with me,
a holy shrine
and dogs and angels follow
right behind.
And could I be walking higher,
could I be right beside her?
The bones they buried
will feed the trees
but every word you ever spoke
is still in me.
And I will feel for in the music.
And I will send that river home.
And I will cry for you sometimes
when the night is down.
And I will raise my head up to the mountains,
talk to the birds and fly
´cause the spirit lives on,
when the body dies….

When I met her in 1998 for the very first time in Prinz-Mediastore, I only knew her album „Oyster“, because a friend of mine had recommended it, and told me she was a beautiful artist, which I had to admit was true.

She was different in so many ways; pleasant, modest, restrained and (unusual for this business) distinctly introverted.

You could feel that she only wants to communicate through her art, her music, and her lyrics, and not with cheap and superficial posings, phoney (or should I say cheap?) apperance, or inventing stories to impress the media and the public in general. Very, very likeable!!

You just have to experience her concerts! Only one who´s has been a part of them can feel this charisma and aura, this sensibility, the way she „lives“ her songs on stage, only this person can understand why this woman holds her fans enthralled with her music and live performance. Unique – from another planet.

Heather was my great support, and the concert hall my therapy center. This was the place where I was able to rock (just say „sugaaaar“ or „“Blue black“, „I´m the Girl“…). This was the place I was able to cry („Island“, „Heal“, „Maybe an Angel“…), where I was able to dream the dream of better times that would hopefully come.

Meanwhile I have seen Heather over 24 times, both on and off stage, but I will never tire of her and will always continue to want to see her.

I am a true and loyal (or should I say fanatical?) soul. I hope Heather won´t lose her Tour enthusiasm because of her happiness with motherhood (her little baby boy Sebastian was born January 26th, 2004)

Furthermore – I think it´s nice somehow that her fans are a small introspective group, because Heather appears in small, intimate locations and clubs. You can describe her gigs as up-close and very personal. So when you hear her you feel you have a personal connection with both her and all the other Heather pilgrims who are there.

Through Heather and her music I have really met a lot of very kind people across Germany and Europe through the years with whom I could share stories, not just about Heather but about life in general.

When Heather first signed an autograph for me I put a note on it with my name so she would know what to write. It feels great that after all these years she knows my name and face without me saying a word. One time she spelled my name wrong on a CD (and I discreetly pointed out her mistake…haha) and she now calls me „Jasmin with no „E“ at the end“. Or she calls me „the girl who actually brought me a bootleg CD to sign“ (trust me I would NEVER do that again!)

No matter what, I am blessed and thankful. No money can buy the wonderful experiences I have had.

Thank God someone did show me the way to Heather and her music. I don´t want to think about what I could have missed…

This is an enrichment of life-accoustical and visual. So pay attention when you hear or read something about this songwriting genius – it´s worth it!

See you on tour – sooner or later! 🙂