KISS..or let’s say..Rock’n’Roll I gave you all the best years of my life.

Well, how did this crazy KISS journey start? I remember this certain kiddie birthday party for Marita in february 1980 (see the first picture). It was on Mardi Gras, and Beate, Marita & Susanne put on make-up like Paul, Gene & Ace. Look at me – could this little, well behaved, innocent girl do anything like that? Definitely NOT!!!;-) I found this pretty creepy… So while other teenagers enjoyed this ‚cool‘ KISS thing, I found it to be a huge lack of taste. At that time I still felt at home in the safe (and sane) world of fairytale records:-) But then, one day, I wanted to find out what kind of music my friends listened to, and what it was that so enthralled them. KISS – don’t they just yell horribly? What, they spit blood and fire? And Gene Simmons is dating Diana Ross!?!? Nevertheless I borrowed ‚ALIVE II‘ to get a clue. And what should I say? It was a sure-fire hit, and as they say, the rest is history ! Surely – since KISS have toured Germany and Europe only seldom since 1999, the ‚fan-flame‘ is burning somewhat low. But I know that… should KISS return to European stages, Jasmin would be right as many cities and countries as possible..standing countless hours in line to get front row seats, no matter if it’s raining or matter what the consequences to my health (or to my bank account!!). With KISS or because of KISS, I had so many great experiences during the past 28 years, I met so many cool and wonderful KISS fans who became my friends, I was able to live so many KISS dreams! Oh, goodness – I met almost all of the KISS members personally (besides Eric Carr – may he rest in peace). Not only did I meet Paul & Gene during a signing session in a HMV megastore in London (on May 21, 1992). But I also had the privilege to talk to them on the phone during the live show ‚MTV Most wanted‘ with the great host Ray Cokes in 1994. I will never ever forget the phone call that came from the UK, and a female voice with a strong British accent asking me ‚Hi, this is MTV London, do you wanna talk to Paul & Gene?‘ Oh my God – how much did I want to do that!!! I thought I would die of excitement and nerves, but who would want to miss a chance like this? 😉 My little TV video clip can be seen here. But first I want to explain that I could not understand Gene at the beginning of the phone conversation, because of technical problems and feedback!! Please forgive me..I am not so stupid as to forget my native language within 2 minutes;-) I even had the opportunity to see KISS during their original line-up 17 times between 1996 and 1999 during European tours after their reunion. This was an absolute dream come true, something that in my wildest dreams I could never have thought or hoped would ever happen. It was in 1983 that I first experienced KISS live during the ‚Lick it up‘ tour, I was a sweet 14 years old and KISS was already taking down the make-up. In those days my allowance was not generous enough to take-in a number of gigs throughout Germany, even if the ticket prices were ridiculously low compared to today!!! As far as KISS merchandise is concerned, my collection is pretty extensive (mainly seventies-stuff…): pinball-machine, dolls, radio set, lunch-boxes, jigsaw puzzles, toy cars, tour books, tour shirts, guitar picks, jacket, playing cards, KISS telephone, buttons, clocks, KISStory book autographed by all members, Paul Stanley fire helmet, tons of posters and articles…… and more:-) Paul’s smashed guitar, which I caught during the concert in Munich on 03/19/1999, is hanging in my living room – my most prized possession!!. Here on my desk stands an autographed photo of him, which I took in London, with the caption ‚to Jasmin – I am always near you. Love P.S.‘. Hey, even if it’s obviously a lie – it still feels damned good!;-) For sure we must have traumatized him in Toronto, where we had flown out only for him! Every day we showed up at the backstage door of the ‚Pantages Theatre‘, where Paul played the lead role in ‚The Phantom of the Opera‘. But hey..that’s the only way to stay on his mind!! ha ha. In case you want to read more about these crazy days in Toronto, you can do so here. This is an article that I wrote after the week in Toronto, for a KISS-fan magazine in Holland! I really cried a lot of tears of happiness during all these years with KISS. And of course some of them were very embarrassing, especially those shed during the signing session in London (check out the report in the British fan-magazine ‚KISS crazy‘). But during moments like these I simply cannot control myself. Hey – in the end we all survived it! 🙂

Meanwhile KISS are going strongly, getting close to the age of 60 – I really would like to believe that there will be another tour, a new album etc…, but deep inside I know – this is it. Even if it’s sad and a pity – as a fan I can accept it, because I have reached my goals with the group in all aspects, and I had the chance to live invaluable dreams and moments that I will never ever forget (check out ALIVE & KICKING). KISS RULES!:-)

Update January 2008: For nine long years European KISS fans survived on rumors only…year after year…There’s a time when you stop believing and hoping, when you become discouraged. And why should they go on another tour? No new album to promote, no film, nothing whatsoever. But now, just as we were resigned to the fact, the boys… sorry… ‚aged‘ men…are coming back to Europe to celebrate 35 years of KISS with us!! Even if it’s not the complete original band line-up – Paul & Gene are a part of it and that’s for sure reason enough to welcome them to sold-out arenas!! YOU WANT THE BEST – YOU WILL GET THE BEST! So – go for it!!! ;-))


Tour Dates; 16.03.2008

5/9/08 Oberhausen Arena Oberhausen
5/11/08 Munich Olympiahalle
5/12/08 Vienna Stadthalle
5/13/08 Verona Verona Arena
5/15/08 Belgrade Stadium Tashmaidan
5/16/08 Sofia Akademik Stadium
5/18/08 Athens Terra Vibe
5/24/08 Moscow Olympissky
5/26/08 St Petersburg Newarena
5/27/08 Helsinki Hartwall Arena
5/28/08 Helsinki Hartwell Arena
5/30/08 Stockholm Stockholm Stadium
5/31/08 Oslo Valhall
6/1/08 Bergen Koengen
6/3/08 Copenhagen Forum
6/4/08 Hamburg Color Line Arena
6/6/08 Prague O2 Arena
6/9/08 Berlin Velodrom
6/10/08 Mannheim SAP Arena
6/11/08 Oberhausen Arena Oberhausen
6/15/08 Nijmegen Arrow Rock Festival
6/17/08 Paris Bercy
6/18/08 Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
6/21/08 Bilbao Kobetamendi
6/23/08 Zurich Hallenstadion
6/24/08 Milan Datch Forum
6/27/08 Nuremberg Nuremberg Arena
6/28/08 Dessel Graspop Metal Meeting


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