Januar 2010

03. Januar

2010 beginnt mit einem schönen Erfolgserlebnis – mein Neujahrsbriefchen an Paul Stanley wurde auf seiner Homepage publiziert! Yupeeeeee!!:-) Hoffentlich nimmt er sich meine Zeilen auch ein bißchen zu Herzen!!? *gg*




3rd January, 2010

Dear Paul, I wanna take the opportunity to wish you & those you love a happy, healthy and highly pleased 2010! You know what!? It will be my 30th (!!) year as proud KISS fan – in good times, in bad times..like an old marriage;-) I started at the age of 11…and won’t stop loving this band until I die, even when there was also pain in my heart and disappointment. But you don’t throw away a longterm fan- relationship because of a moment that went wrong… No, I am looking forward to the SONIC BOOM tour over Europe! And yessss Paul, you can still count on me…standing in the first row and holding high a selfmade poster with a „kind message“ for you like I did during all the KISS European tours before. I am sure you remember..;-) I found the way on your homepage 2008 because your tour-photographer did a photo and it was published here. Paul, I bought a Premium Package for Oberhausen, 1st of June 2010. It’s my special birthday gift for me because I’ll turn one year older june, 2nd. All I ask of you – in case I will be one of the 2 lucky persons who win an upgrade that night – pleeeeease act like you are happy to see me again!;-) Be good to me, longtime love… Just say YEAH!!! *biglaugh* Love always, CU in London, Zurich & Oberhausen **JASMIN** www.jasmins-small-world.de



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